Come as a team!

Welcome in Bordeaux

Since spring 2008, the Cap Girondins training centre has given foreign teams the opportunity to take customized soccer skills courses, Bordeaux style. These official Girondins de Bordeaux courses represent the fruits of 30 years of youth coaching expertise.

Customized courses

Our courses for foreign teams give coaches a chance to introduce their young players (age 7 to 16) to “Bordeaux-style” training.  These official Girondins de Bordeaux training programmes are shaped by our considerable expertise in refining young players’ skills. The courses take place at the FC Girondins de Bordeaux training centre, ensuring perfect conditions for footballing development.

The aim of these courses is to put our unique Cap Girondins training methods at the disposal of teams from elsewhere in the world, young players keen to enjoy the experience of training at the home of the Girondins. Visiting clubs are free to tailor their training schedule to cover those areas that they would like worked on as a priority.

A friendly match is also included in the schedule, usually midweek, to give all participants a chance to see how much progress they have made. It’s also an opportunity for young players from overseas to compare themselves against a local team of a good standard. This is a key part of the course, as it allows the players to put the lessons they have learned during the week into practice.

A popular formula

The first session of this kind took place in spring 2008, when Cap Girondins welcomed a delegation of young players from Dubai to its facilities. Since 2009 we have welcomed a dozen more international groups to Bordeaux:

Year Club Country / Region Age Group Boys/Girls
2009 Phénix Canada (Québec) U14 Boys
2010 Phénix Canada (Québec) U14 Boys
2010 Sainte Yacinthe Canada (Québec) U14 Boys
2010 Kodiak de Charlesbourg Canada (Québec) U14 Boys
2010 Pral de Beauport Canada (Québec) U13 Boys
2011 Phénix Canada (Québec) U14 Boys
2011 Anderlecht (sélection régionale) Belgique U15 Boys
2012 Phénix Canada (Québec) U14 Boys
2012 SDEFA Réunion France (Réunion) U13 Boys
2013 Phénix Canada (Québec) U14 Boys
2013 Phénix Canada (Québec) U14 Girls
2013 CPS Saint-Paul France (Réunion) U13 / U14 Boys
2014 Phénix Canada (Québec) U14 Boys
2014 Phénix Canada (Québec) U14 Girls
2015 Phénix Canada (Québec) U14 Boys
2015 Phénix Canada (Québec) U14 Girls
2016 Kodiak de Charlesbourg Canada (Québec) U13 Boys
2016 Faly Academy Canada U11 / U12 / U14 Boys
2016 Fukuoka Japan U13 Boys


Accommodation conditions

As with our other residential courses, the young footballers stay in our dedicated accommodation facilities at the Plaine des Sports du Haillan, the FC Girondins de Bordeaux training centre. Players stay in eight-bed chalets, and supervision is provided by the Cap Girondins instructors.

Accompanying adults are put in touch with the Tourist Office and Cap Girondins’ partners. They can use the course as an opportunity to observe the Cap Girondins training methods and explore Bordeaux and the region.

The advantages of the formula

  • It allows the whole team to progress together.
  • High-quality coaches trained in supervising young footballers.
  • Make the most of the outstanding setting and facilities at the FC Girondins de Bordeaux professional training centre.
  • Great flexibility in terms of the dates of your training course.
  • Discover a new culture and a different style of football.

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