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You can now have Cap Girondins courses in your own country! In the last few months, the official FC Girondins de Bordeaux courses have been travelling abroad. Coaches will travel worldwide at your request to help young footballers perfect their skills.

How it works

Teams of Cap Girondins technicians come to your club and offer French-style training methods to young players. With over twenty-five years of know-how and experience behind them, the courses have acquired international recognition, as can be seen from the large number of foreigners who come to train at Cap Girondins every year.

As it involves no travel on your part, this option is an opportunity to offer your young players the chance to perfect their skills, learn a different way of operating and enjoy the benefits of “French-style” training, which is recognized worldwide.

The first trips

The first courses to be organized abroad took place in Dubai in October 2008 and February 2009. After a very positive course held on the Cap Girondins site, the Dubai team wanted its players to benefit from Cap Girondins’ know-how back at home.

A team of coaches for the Bordeaux club’s official courses travelled to the Emirates to offer soccer training and skills sessions.


All requests are examined. However, they must meet precise specifications. The aim of these strict rules is to ensure that course members enjoy a service that is of the same quality as it would be if it took place using FC Girondins de Bordeaux’ facilities.

The basic rules covering the specifications are: :

  • Provision of a pitch so that football can be played in good conditions.
  • Rapid access to medical treatment to ensure that course members are well taken care of if they suffer an injury.
  • Provision of the equipment required to play football.
  • Availability of accommodation facilities for course members.

Further information about courses and prices

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